Psalm 70 “God is Great!”

4… “God is great!”

Ever wake up and just feel that? I know when I walk away from any given service at Riverwood I totally feel it! I feel it watching The online services. I feel it after my chapter a day!

Reading this psalm was a good reminder to praise God in every prayer… David here in this situation was fearful, and was asking for Gods help but also praising Him. Most of the time prayers consist of Ask ask ask for us.

Sometimes I add “I know You can make the impossible possible because You are a perfect God” when I realize I’ve racked up quite a few requests in my own behalf.

It’s not that I’m trying to “grease the wheels” God knows better than that. He’ll know I mean it from the heart. It’s good to add praise, it reminds us of who we are talking to…

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