Being Captive

18 You ascended on high,
leading a host of captives in your train
and receiving gifts among men,
even among the rebellious, that the Lord God may dwell there.

One thing I would like taken captive and lead away is my anxiety. Worrying about little things or problems I don’t currently have but could have.

I am working through this. I suppose to a large degree anxiety is selfish. I only worry about things that can happen to me, or things that could hurt me.

I think maybe the key is to work through it by focusing on others or simply recalling all the good things that have been done around me and for others.

I pray that whenever you feel something is keeping you captive you remember our heavenly Father and the power that He has used to set you free!

3 thoughts on “Being Captive

  1. It has taken me years to quickly go to God with ALL my worries and concerns instead trying to resolve issues in my own strength and my own wisdom. I’ve wasted too much time “stewing in my own juices”…not a fun place to hang out!


      1. Yes, God is growing us and giving us strength through His Holy Spirit within. Little by little, our spirits are being set free!


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