Test as Silver

10 For you, O God, have tested us;
you have tried us as silver is tried.

It is hard to bear the pains and struggles of life at times.

To each person it’s different: poverty, fear, loss, infertility, stress, unemployment. While some of these pains are not wished upon us by God, He uses his sovereignty and providence to build us into stronger people, like testing silver.

We can never suffer in vain.

The Pslams is a perfect example of this. David and the Pslamist cry out to God in raw honesty and emotion. They can’t control how they feel in the moment of hardship but they can control their actions. Who they put their faith in. God always comes through for them and brings them peace.

I pray that anyone who is struggling whether it be with anxiety, emotions, financial difficulty or other uncertainties that you may find peace in God’s promises. I pray you can make the choice to trust, even if you don’t feel confident in the moment.

2 thoughts on “Test as Silver

  1. I once said to my mentor that God allows whatever happens in our life and she said,”No, God purposes all that happens in our lives.”-a totally different perspective! Look for the Silver lining…the payload. There is a reason, there is a purpose.


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