Psalms 66 Thoughts

in line 6 when reference to how the Red Sea was parted as a reminder of the greatness God has done, is a reminder not to forget all He has done for me in my past to bring me where I am to this moment.

It’s so easy and well, human, to firstly think of all I don’t have, or compare my “pile” to my neighbours, and not just be grateful for what I have and what is served to me. And I need to second guess how I receive said things….With grace and thanks, not “this isn’t what I asked for” or “this won’t work out”.

“11 You brought us into the net;” He has always brought His people together and gathered them from the four corners… he (Paul?) would use descriptions like the winds gathering from as far out as they are spread. So in other words, long before God sent His son on the cross to die for us ,the Father was acting as a fisher of men already 🙂

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