Blossom and Flourish

Hosea 14: 7 They shall return and dwell beneath my shadow;
they shall flourish like the grain;
they shall blossom like the vine;
their fame shall be like the wine of Lebanon.

I don’t often pay attention to the poetic beauty of the bible. I’m not sure why, maybe I don’t often find it inspiring or practical? Regardless I was surprised and encouraged when I read Hosea 14:7

God is trying to inspire and encourage His nation that His love and mercy will heal and save them. They will flourish once again.

I use encouraging words like this for my wife and children when they feel like they have failed or feel sad. It warms my heart to think of my father in heaven thinking those same encouraging words about me.

Every now and then I need a reminder of my vaule and hope after days of being exhausted by day to day living.

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