Hosea 13 Having Him with you

These silver metal statuettes of their Gods, like mini take-home versions…. reminded me of when that girl faked being on her “cycle” so she wouldn’t have to stand up and have her brothers goons check her saddle bags for the house idols.

Gen31:34 “Now Rachel had taken the household gods and put them in the camel’s saddle and sat on them” [side note- I realize She may have also taken them for she felt she was entitled to them for their monetary value when her brother spent up money she was entitled too]

To think of the lengths some people will go to assure themselves that there is a “piece of God” with them.. When the beauty is, He can be inside you, all of us….. IF you let Him in.

Then He’s with you Always.

No need for that “authentic” piece of the cross from eBay for around your neck or a thread from the Holy shroud to sew into your wallet for gain.

It might as well be a rabbits foot…

It also reminds me of rosary beads, prayer shalls and the misdirection of praise.

I’ve seen pictures and statues of gold Jesus, black Jesus, and white Jesus, and that’s all they are to me….. pictures, and statues. Some of which I’ve seen are adourned with candles and photos of loved ones

And that’s nice and honourable to remember a loved one in the name of Jesus. Its so very important to remember that it is just a photo of Him. The beads are not Him, the saints that some people pray to are not Him.

At the end of the day, God doesn’t have a colour. Alive as man on earth He’s Jesus, When you call for The Holy Spirit, He is there for you, and the Heavenly Father is God to us all.

All glory goes to our Lord, not a statue, a picture, or a piece of jewelry. There is no middle-man. Jesus is Lord. Why go to a saint when you can pray to the Father Himself?

I rest assured knowing that all knees will bow to our God and some will be on this side of the grass and some will have to after they pass and face true righteous judgement. But knowing that they all come to the Lord allows me to see my beloved ones in His Kingdom.

Relationship with our God over religion with ritual…. it’s so simple I missed it for years!

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