Hard Workers

I have been a hard worker for as long as I have known. I know that sounds like a brag, but read a little more because I don’t beileve that fact is a overall positive thing. I used to beileve you could never work too much or too hard, but you can.

I worked for my own glory, trying to leverage it over others in my head, telling myself I was better than them. “I made it, you didn’t.”

Sometimes there is a hidden darkness in hard workers, based on my personal experiences. They can sometimes lack humility and compassion. They believe they are self made: a product of their own decisions and choices rather than circumstancial provisions. For instances: You can work hard and climb a workplace ladder and then hit a recession, losing your position. You are now back at the bottom of a new job. Is it your fault that happened?

A hard worker can then look at those who are impoverished or suffering and say without compassion: “They did it to themselves”, “Where was there nest egg?”, “They were careless and stupid with their money”, and follow it with something to this effect: : “All they need to do is work harder and get themselves out.”

I beileve we choose to see some people as lazy and evil to asign blame and disregard our role in aid to their needs. All evil and selfishness comes from brokeness, from a love missing in a heart.

I beileve a majority of people want to earn what they receive from hard work. Most times people have just lost hope. I have seen it in people who are judged for taking handouts from the government, I very well could be counted as one of them. I rely on the government to help pay my rent.

I pray today we can think of others potential circumstances before we label.

One thought on “Hard Workers

  1. You’re right. It is never a good thing to compare ourselves to others: if we compare and see ourselves as better, it leads to pride. If we compare and see ourselves as less than, i leads to depression.


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