Hosea 11

The opening of this chapter sounded like a beautiful story of a parent talking about their empty nest as they have raised their children, taught them to walk, did their best raising them and then they grew up, made their own bad decisions and now they need some punishment to get them back in line..

But it would “hurt me a lot more than it’s going to hurt you”

“9 I will not execute my burning anger;

I will not again destroy Ephraim;

for I am God and not a man,” God could react any way He wants, But keeping the balance of Grace, mercy and forgiveness of the highest is only capable of the Lord.

There is no compassion or forgiveness like Gods. I mean we can accept peoples character defects and forgive them when if something were to happen, but we may still not forget or may even hold a grudge and remember the incident in the future when a similar situation comes along and then base a decision of trust on the previous incidents… BUT with God, forgiveness is whole and true, He doesn’t forget, but He forgives like nobody on earth can.

Some obvious differences are He is slow to anger … I need practice with that.. I may judge someone if they wrong me, Only God can rightousley judge, Someone who has messed me over in the past or took advantage of me?? I wouldn’t be so quick as to trust them again.

The main difference is, I’m not a supernatural being that can see into someone’s heart. I have sin.

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