Fatherly Heartbreak

11-1: Eternal One: When Israel was a child, I loved him; and out of Egypt I called My son. 2 But the more I called to Israel, the more they walked away from Me. They kept on sacrificing to other divine masters and burning incense to idols!

This morning I has reflecting on my feelings as a father in comparison to God’s feelings as a Father. As a dad I expierence both admiration and some forms of rejection from my children.

For instance, I looked at a project my young daughter made at school. It was a book of drawings on her favorite outings and all the pictures were of her time with her grandmother and grandfather. Although I am truly joyful and glad she will have so many wonderful memories it still hurt me a bit.

Do I not interact and show enough attention to my daughter to make it into her drawings?

My example is very mundane, silly even, compared to the heartbreak God must feel daily over this world. Sometimes I find it easy to forget that God’s love for humanity comes at an emotional cost to Him, as strong, big and powerful as He is.

God I am so sorry for the times I break your heart in two. I have felt my own heart break and it hurts to know I do the same to You despite my love and gratitude for You. I thank you and ask for your continued grace I need so badly. For Your love can cover all my failures and heartbreaks.

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