Hosea 9 – The way things used to be

This chapter reminds me of the saying “the way things used to be”

God recalls how the Israelites were when He first took them in and they were faithful and obedient… but then they went back towards false idols.

they were going so far as to bring their idols onto the threshing floor to think that will increase their harvesting and better their wine but once again they were directing all their energy towards false idols and ignoring their loving God.

Hosea knew that this was displeasing God and was prophesizing judgement but everybody thought he was a fool because they appear to be doing so well and we’re in abundance.

I can’t help but think about how the world was just weeks before this pandemic and it makes me say “how things used to be”

I feel not aligned with Matthew 18:20…That my devotion to God was stronger because I was actually able to physically gather with others and I felt Him in the midst of us felt fortified (or should I say surrounded) by other fellow Christ lovers in person.

But now practising isolation it’s difficult to BE with and see with others in a temple setting.

Yes, we have the screens, It’s just all very two- dimensional to me. considering when I was employed I spent the better part of my day in front of three screens at a time so I can’t help it feel like looking at a screen is like work and being with loving friends shouldn’t feel that way!

I don’t like this new normal.I

really miss handshakes and hugs and physical beings.

I was thinking that while I was driving around and listening to a radio station, funny enough I was reminded that even Jesus practiced isolation when He went to go speak to his Father. He I went off on His own early in the morning before anybody else would get up and even when He was with his disciples He’d step away from them to pray to His Father.

This made me remember that even when we are physically alone we are never really alone because He is with us in this valley.


Praise the Good Shepherd, we are His


Carry us on back over your shoulders; annoint is with your love and

Shoulder us back to the way things should be so we may all physically gather again as your children …in your name.

In the Holy beautiful name of Jesus


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