Keeping Commands

Reflecting on Hosea this morning has reminded me of a quote written by Scott DeVries of Reframe media: “We also realize there is more to keeping Jesus’ commands than simply obeying. Part of keeping commands means that we hold on to a command even when we have recently broken it. It means that we should try again. And again. And again. Because of God’s forgiveness, we’re not lost forever when we fail. But we must also keep trying.”

This is what God wanted for Israel from the start of their nation. He wished for them to remain faithful and trying despite their own incapability to follow His commands.

It was only with Christ’s sacrifice that we are now able to transform. We will still fail but a new forgiveness has come to us.

We are filled with God’s spirit and we are transformed in the beautiful way God always saw for His people.

May we remain steadfast in our faith and endure through the pain and guilt of our sins. May we remember that all stumble but our Loving Father will always catch us of we go to Him.

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