Sincerely Hopeful

Hosea 7:14 They’re not sincere when they cry out to Me for help. They howl on their couches; Hoping a god will send grain to gather and wine to enjoy. They turn away from Me.

When in the fires of a struggle my feelings seem to run the show. I want comfort and rest and freedom from worry and pain.

But it’s our actions and choices that show God the desires of our hearts. Where do we choose to get our strength from? How do we choose to handle a struggle despite how we feel?

Do we seek more for ourselves? Or do we seek clairty and patience in God’s timing and plans?

In this part of Hosea Israel was showing God their hearts were not for Him. They yearned for comfort and the immediate rescue from other gods, they wanted the worldly might and wealth other nations possessed.

They chose not to trust God’s provision and timing, only seeking to satisfy what they wanted.

God, help all of us today be patient in your timing. May our choices and actions reflect the sincere hope and trust you provide us.

One thought on “Sincerely Hopeful

  1. Such a beautiful prayer for when we are “in waiting” for an answer from God. God’s timing is perfect but waiting is hard. We try to jump in and provide our own solution and that usually ends poorly. Prayers such as the one you’re praying today, help us to focus on God and wait for His solution. Blessings


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