Hosea 6 thoughts

The people of Judah were assuming that they were going to get forgiven… it wasn’t real repentance and God saw right through it. God saw their love as something fleeting, it comes and goes as they feel they need to express it. he even went so far as to describe Judah like Adam breaking the covenant and betraying trust.

The other message I see here is a common theme repeated in the Bible and that’s how God wants our love even more than our rituals..some people say that actions speak louder than words but in

Gods case it must be from the heart otherwise none of the actions mean anything in fact acting out rituals without true connection or love is almost a mockery. God doesn’t want my candles He doesn’t want my sacrifices He doesn’t want my hair cut a certain way and He really doesn’t care what I wear, He just wants my love and obedience.

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