Hosea 4 Thoughts

I’m not sure which is more worth mentioning…the fact that the priests were promoting sin so they can profit from the offerings” 8 They feed on the sin of my people;they are greedy for their iniquity.“ These False teachers passing on a false truths leading people away from God, the biggest sin besides blasphemy of course…OR

the fact that the people thought they knew God but still had idols and worshipped things of this earth? “12 My people inquire of a piece of wood,”

Knowing somebody and knowing about somebody. The difference between these two things can cause delusion.

Putting your love, faith, energy and prayers into something or someone that you think is one thing and then learn later is another can be a life altering disappointing event and cause great despair.

Do I know God or do I know about God?

I certainly know about God and I know what He is capable of and what he has done. I know what He is doing in my life and I know how He has transformed me. I know that He is a life giving mountain moving God….But do I know Him?

I like to think I know Him at least a little bit from inside out, knowing that His light is there because I accepted and I welcomed Him in as my saviour and I look to Him for strength and guidance as I would my own father.

I want to know more though… I think the best way to do that is by digging deep into His Word, my desire to know my God is great enough to get me to want to open a chapter a day and learn His love letter little by little so that I can use it in my day, in the moment.

I know what it is I’m supposed to get out of every chapter because it touches my heart a certain way. I know that’s the Holy Spirit coming in, it has to be because I prayed for Him.

I pray for everybody to have the desire to get to know God better than just knowing of Him.

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