Mark 16 – Wait, What?

The two Mary’s went from one big question mark to another.. First it was: who was going to move that huge stone out of the way for us. Then it was “where did our Lord go?” They headed back confused, excited and anxious. I mean, wouldn’t you? this was all prophecy coming to pass and This is the Messiah we’re takin about. Did things go from bad to worse in an instant?

I would still say this is a little bit more of a bursted bubble of disappointment when your ice cream sundae doesn’t look just like the picture, or your burger looking all juicy in the advertisement looks like it’s been sat on when they serve it to you.

It says in the app bible copy that some of the earliest manuscripts of this chapter ended right there…and I can only imagine it was because the two Marys were women? And they wouldn’t be creditable? Were they afraid that people might think they had something to do with the missing body?

At any rate, I always love the story about how Jesus is walking along the side of two of the people who were just talking about what a shame it was that Jesus was killed and Jesus was just probably laughing to Himself the whole way until He broke bread like he did at the last supper and they finally realized who He was and then disappeared.

How often do we have something so good right there with us and we don’t even know it? How often do you figure we are in walking in this journey alone when we’re not ? Jesus is always there right beside you.

Every step we take should be in alignment with Him! He keeps us alive, He keeps us walking…every step we take is an incipient fall …BUT HE catches us every time in order to take the next step and so on and so on….I’m using the walking as a metaphor of course if you have a wheelchair or if you are with crutches He is still walking alongside of you, holding you, shouldering you with love and mercy.

And of course how He appeared to the disciples who still needed proof or at least Thomas did… but that was the last time they all saw Him for He went up to the Father. By doing this He lets them know that everything he prophesied was done, everything had to happen and that’s why He needed to die on the cross.

Everything wad laid out from when He was set up by Judas to when Pontius gave him away for the crucifixion.

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