Mark 12 Digging Deep

It always hits a heart string when I see the image of the homeless person with their pets because you know that person loves their pet….even if some of us may look upon them and judge that if they can’t even take care of themselves… what business do they have taking care of another living thing? But at the end of the day whatever that person gets, that person shares with their furry companion. They don’t have very much, but they give… just like that lady, the widow who had barely anything who gave everything she had… it was worth more to our God then a lot of money from somebody who can give another lot of money easily.

She gave from her heart, much like the homeless person gives to his or her companion from their hearts not looking for anything in return….the same way Jesus gives us love.

I pray to God today today that our homeless people within reach of the Holy Spirit (which is all of them) could receive some warmth and comfort and nourishment in someway. Please Lord send some manna down from heaven in this pandemic that we are all suffering for not all of us have the ability to get into a car and go to the grocery store and not all of us even have the ability to afford groceries in this time of economic depression. Well I pray that you will shoulder us through all of this as you do every day and know that we love you and appreciate all that you do for us. I pray that as always you will be our shield even if it’s in the form of a facemask or body protection suits for the front line workers and for all of us who are living it on the other side of the line – living in the curve.

I know my voice is not falling on deaf ears. My God is a three in 1 so do the math; there’s six ears 🙂 for the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, that’s why I know when I’m asking for help it will come in His glorious name, the name of Jesus . Amen

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