Mark 11 – Fig Tree Thought

I think Jesus wanted as much opportunity to relate with the people there so he wanted to show them that He was hungry as well. We know that he had feelings, we’ve seen him cry and we’ve seen him eat so now there are some different emotions by cursing a fig tree? I suppose he coulda even asked His father for some figs or could have waved His finger and made some grow himself but instead He demonstrated some frustration in a human way. but with supernatural results. That tree will never bear fruit again… unless of course Jesus tells it to 🙂

Another point maybe is that it just wasn’t that trees Time to bear fruit…and nothing should be asked for something if it isn’t ready.. I’m going to kind of relate that to people who might say or think if they’re ready to drop everything to follow Christ but then still have riches to cling onto and family members to cling onto had too much to hold onto to go completely stead fast forward and follow the Lord.

If you’re not ready then don’t go ,if you are ready and it’s your “season” be prepared to die for God and wither away anything else that may have a hold onto you

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