Mark 8

21 And he said to them, “Do you not yet understand ?”

Jesus will help us stretch the money and the food and the basics we need to survive this period as He always does. He can feed thousands with little to nothing, and have more leftovers that what they all started with.”18 Having eyes do you not see,…?” He is our provider. with faith in Jesus we will never be alone or be without what we need.

Something else that’s funny is the Pharisees were asking Jesus for a sign which I didn’t understand because Hes already healed the blind and healed the dumb and walked on water….. He just finished feeding thousands of people with little to no bread and fish. according to Jewish translation the “sign” would be something that Jesus would predict and that would come true..but I mean the Pharisee asking Jesus for a sign from the future is Showing that they didn’t believe that He was the Messiah and they don’t believe that He fit the mosaic and militaristic conditions their “messiah checklist” called for.


is the whole purpose of Jesus being there is so He can die on the cross and He is telling the disciples (predicting exactly something that the Pharisees would want to hear) this here in this chapter that He is going to die in v31

BUT He is also telling everybody else not to say what He was doing or who He was…..He just wanted to make sure the disciples knew he was the Christ to spread the good news after his death…but not to spread it around ahead of time too much because of the plan!

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