Mark 5 Who is That?

The towns people who saw these things …especially the pigs must’ve been so freaked out sending Jesus away….. thinking…

Who is this man who can rid not just a demon, but several demons within someone. Also possessed with the influence of different evil spirits and had the strength to physically break steel chains and links…clearly a hazard to himself and to others.

Who Is this a man that is already conquering death before us and even well before is it one final time for all of us?

Who Is this that just laughs at the thought of somebody dying before “their” time when He can just say they’re simply sleeping and make them wake and well again. “Why are you making a commotion and weeping?” It’s no different than when they woke Jesus up on the boat and He rebuked the weather and He questioned their faith.

Who’s on a constant journey of healing with a following like a rockstar and if you come across close enough that you’re able to touch you may instantly be healed from something that’s plagued you all your life?

Who goes around and does such things and not ask for any payment or credit but simply asks that the person He helps goes back and tells others of what was done for them?

By doing this He makes the recipient part of the miracle, part of the message, part of the gospel and part of the Truth and Good News.

Jesus is the HOPE we need.

One thought on “Mark 5 Who is That?

  1. What struck me was that Jesus showed mercy to the demons….all 2000 of them! I’m thinking,”Wait a minute. Aren’t demons our enemies? Aren’t we at “war” with them? But then the thought came to me,”How are we supposed to treat our enemies? And who created the demons? Doesn’t the Bible say that God created everything? There must be a purpose for the demons!


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