Headspace Entry

Misuse of words?

I was just going through my Google feed and something caught my eye and it “clicked” I’m seeing for too much idolizationand glamorization, even the wording being used to put these material items up on pedestals sounds like they are out of a man made scripture.

“The holy trinity of Bugatti‘s” this term was used to describe where the three different Bugattis vehicles just happen to be parked alongside each other in Dubai

“ this is the holy Grail of………….” this term is used to far too many times to describe just about everything seen on every pawn shop show or antique pickers show or collectors show.

“ from your mouth to Gods ear”’ well if you think that should be a prayer, then why don’t the two of get together and make a prayer …instead of just talking about it.

Try being a doer and not just a sayer of the word.

“I swear to God” Used far two loosely if you ask me it shouldn’t even have to be used if it were all being honest with each other.

“ A wolf in sheep‘s clothing” that’s actually fromMatthew 7:15..And people use that all the time to warn somebody else about what they may look like on the outside but not sure where the true heart is.

and finally “ a fly in the ointment” this is from Ecclisiates 10:1 referring to how one part of a whole can ruin a batch. Like with sour people in a room of happy people or naysayers amongst believers.

At the end of the day we not are born with filters in our mouth’s, but I do think if we are going to be using these words and making the sounds we should at least be knowledgable of their roots and the true meaning so they’re not mis-used.

The goal is stay close to the truth and we know it’s actually the Word and what is man made.

The Bible is a love letter written from God to us. It is our best connection to God.

It is through His word that He reaches our hearts. Won’t you open the door in your heart to our saviour today? You can be a “now-bower” or a “later-kneeler” It’s not a matter of “if but when. He is coming.

One thought on “Headspace Entry

  1. Words used incorrectly or in an abhorrent manner.

    They say the most misused Biblical quotes that is taken completely out of context is,”Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die” And they don’t quote the next verse that calls people with that life philosophy, “Fools”.

    What I find abhorrent is people swearing using the Lord’s name, “Holy _ _ _ _ _ _” and many other names of the Lord. They don’t even realize what they’re saying or Whom they are dishonouring.

    Jesus has come again in the form of the Holy Spirit. When we believe, His Spirit comes to live within us He is raising us up spiritually and when we die, our spirits will go to be with Him.

    What struck me today is how Jesus exorcized demons. And in v. 14 & 15, He chose 12 “that they might be with Him and that he might send them out to make proclamation and TO HAVE POWER TO EXORCIZE DEMONS” There are many stories of Jesus exorcizing demons but we don’t receive teaching about demons. Yet this was one of the main duties of the disciples.


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