Mark 2

With all the people standing around waiting to get healed blocking the doorway…I’m sure Jesus could’ve use some kind of miracle to clear a path to let these people in with this paralyzed man, but He does like when we take part in the miracle (that’s how I believe was one way to develop a relationship with him in person) So he did not stop the gentleman from taking the roof off and bring him in it was also a good reminder to have everybody look up because that is where our true help comes from through Jesus Christ

Right at the beginning Jesus was reaching out to broken people, the crooked tax collectors and the prostitutes. People just didn’t understand why someone with the Holiness of the Lord would want to associate with those low life type of people. People were beginning to see how Jesus turned rules upside down. How he was a redeemer and a healer. That it wasn’t the righteous that needed Him so much, but the broken, hurting and lost.

I absolutely love the Parables here about the new garment with old patches and new wine not going into old wine skins.

Once I found my saviour I had no question about turning back or trying to accommodate my old beliefs with my new ones. I found the Lord and I see the significance of my beloved old testament but I surely have learned and am still learning that the New testament is pure prohecy come to pass for our Messiah Jesus. The final sacrificial lamb so the reign of mosiac law could end and we can all live by praising the Holy Father directly with relationship rather than religion.

This Gospel is beautiful and I love reading over what we learned in John and Matthew and Luke from another point of view in our chapter a day reading.

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