There He Prayed

Mark 1: 35 And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.

I realized yesterday that although I have my daily reading/blogging habit, I don’t ever have time alone in a day to just be with God.

I wake up and read the bible while I am next to my wife in bed, I carpool with my brother to work as I blog, at work I sit in a lunch room with other coworkers and at home my three kids constantly want attention from Daddy. I never have a quiet isolated moment with God.

Yesterday I needed to refresh from a hard week so I drove myself out to an empty parking lot to listen to workship music for an hour and it was a wonderful experience. I gained peace, joy and hope from that time.

The one area I don’t have the focus to follow Christ it seems is His prayer habits. Its hard for me to sit anywhere for extended periods of time not reading, writing or listening to something.

I pray as I work or do other activities throughout the day, but I wonder if I set aside enough time to listen to God.

5 thoughts on “There He Prayed

  1. Maybe ask God if He wants more time with you? It doesn’t have to be a long prayer time but it’s good to get in the habit. Praying while working or participating in activities counts too 🙂
    Changing perspective helps too when we realize that we’ll better reflect God’s love to those around us when we’re in sync with God-spouse, kids, family, friends, enemies.
    Tom and I found that after taking the advice in a book we read by Dr. Doug Weiss,”Intimacy in Marriage”, reading the Bible and praying together, even for a short time every day, increases the intimacy in marriage. The book is a real “How To” marriage book.


  2. Another thought-When you read the Bible and meditate on what you’ve read, God speaks to you-that’s a type of prayer. And when you listen to or sing Christian songs, that’s communicating with God too. God Blesses all our time with Him.


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