Mark 1

Personally, if I ever get the chance to go to Israel, I would love to experience a baptism in the Jordan or at least stand in the water and know John and Jesus were baptized there making the way for a new church. To be in proximity of where God opened the sky and spoke of how He was pleased with his son, this is a dream of mine. The whiteness who saw and heard God speak at that time saw how being baptized by Jesus would be getting washed over with the hilt spirit and not just “water” as John put it.

When I was baptized I was warned closely by more than a few telling me that Satan is on the hunt and I have a big shiny new target on my back because I proclaimed my love for God publicly and Satan doesn’t like that, he wants to break that up! and that’s what was happening to Jesus when he was gone for 40 days but He persevered that quoting the word.

Those ministering angels in the woods must have been helping Him to prepare for the beginning of His ministry.

Without time to spare He starts selecting certain hand picked individuals as disciples… next thing you know He’s got a line out the door healing everyone from possessed townsmen to many other sick people .. then off to Gallilee for a leper. Always in the move. Teaching loving shouldering

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