Exodus 39-40 קדש ליהוה

I believe the significance of going over all the details bit by bit repeatedly shows that it is very well documented in case there’s any question whatsoever if this holy to the Lord temple needs to be built again somewhere else or if it gets torn down. Everything is designed to travel so it could always be moved but in case it ever needed to be reconstructed there is lots of reference for size, materials and construction with information.

Also all the preparation involved in getting this tabernacle ready and raised is also a reminder of all the preparation it should take within our heart mind and soul when we prepare to speak with our Lord.

The twisted gold to make it look like ropes on the priests garments reminds me of the covenant between a man and a woman and God in marriage, maybe the rope in this instance is the covenant between the people the priest and the Lord?

I think it’s wonderful that God no longer needs a physical building to fill his glory with. You me and the people are reading this are all the body of Christ we are united as Christians are the church

One thought on “Exodus 39-40 קדש ליהוה

  1. It is my understanding that God made the New Covenant with Himself because the people couldn’t keep the previous Covenant. I’m going to try to research the Bible references


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