Workplace Fears

I am struggling today with worry once again.

I feel trapped in my job and isolated from my faith. Do I not have a strong faith that small workplace tasks and a temporary management leadership can fill my heart with so much stomach churning dread?

I feel like I am relying heavily on circumstances to bring me comfort currently. This weekend was full of rest and I find my heart reluctant to start another week of management trials. I am afraid of losing my peace for another full week.

I have trouble eating, sleeping and connecting with others as I carry my worries. I wish I could say these seasons are new but they have plagued my life for as long as I can remember

Some event: public speaking, seeing a difficult person, needing to meet a deadline or worrying about a meeting with the boss comes into my life and completely robs me of peace.

During these seasons I have come to cling to the Word: through devotionals and church teachings for temporary relief, it doesn’t always calm me but sometimes I can achieve a mental breakthrough in my destructive thinking.

I have been hesitant to post about my fears currently, especially my job related as so many around me are facing financial and health uncertainties. If I am honest quitting my job has crossed my mind, but I know that is not the solution. I just need to wait this season out and know in my mind that my heart will be healed of worry soon.

Thank you for listening to me this morning, take care everyone.

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