Exodus 31-32

Hi all. I can see why God was so angry, so frustrated, so ready to end lives when he learned about this golden calf. His people that he’s brought out of Egypt, did all these miracles for, bent over backwards lead them with fire and a pillar of smoke and guided them with angels decided to turn their head again and start worshipping another God end it was Aaron of all people leading the pack.. it’s a good thing our God is slow to anger!

When Aaron started asking everybody for their gold earrings so he can start making some mold and build, he was taking life into his own hands because he didn’t have the patience, he didn’t have the faith in Moses or God, all he was wondering was where did he go? he didn’t even stop to think of maybe asking God..he just took things into his own hands and people started praying and dancing around a big gold calf that meant nothing and couldn’t serve them in anyway.

all I could think about is the repeated times I would do this or that for my son or a loved one and then they turn around and hurt or disappoint in spite because you didn’t do the nice thing the same way or as often or on their time and they just didn’t appreciate it. Count your blessings!!

Moses went to bat for the Israelites and he did it by reminding God of his promises and what He’s already done for them and what He promised He would continue to do for them and it seems to me that was he convinced and changed God’s mind! He had a really good relationship with the Father.

But I think Moses knew in his heart that the people of the land needed to know that what they were doing was wrong and they shouldnt be going back to their old ways just because they didn’t know where Moses was. He got angry and smashed the tablets (this is later of course) down he had to show the people that he was so angry that he is willing to destroy that something that God had given him I think that got their attention.

BUT at this time he caused a great divide which again reminded me of splitting the sea but he basically said whoever is on the Lords side come with me and we’ll go kill everybody who is not and 3000 people died and I think that was enough that the people knrw that golden Was a bad mistake.

Asking everybody who was “with” Moses to go and take down everybody that was opposed (which we could be your brother or family member), to me was a parallel to when Jesus disowned his mother and brother from the rooftop saying that everybody is his family… And having to be able to turn away from that family to follow Christ steadfast.

Luke14: 26 “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple”


Matthew 12:48 “He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?

I am learning that everything in the New Testament is an incipient form of the old testament

Also just as an interesting point of interest when the calf (Which I thought was an out right mockery of the ark of the covenant and all the other holy artifacts made from Gold) was destroyed and broken down into powder and then put in the water and everyone who partook was made to drink it …for some reason that reminded me of when I would get soap put in my mouth for swearing …..but another part of me thinks that Moses just wanted to grind that calf back up from the earth from which it came and feed it through them (The Israelites) and have the Israelites turn it into the crap that they were practising.

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