Exodus 29-30

Exodus 29-30

It seems like this incense and the anointing oil kind of finishes off the entire sensory experience of being prepared to go to the holy place in the courtyard. Our sense of smell triggers emotions and feelings and will prepare us in our mind for making offerings and connecting with God.

another reminder of how one would prepare to get “close” following all these Mosaic laws of course. I put quotation marks around the word close because back then you wanted to get physically close, you wanted to be in the holy if holys but you couldn’t be because you were not allowed! You were not the high priest, you were lucky enough to be in the courtyard. Well now I have the holy of holy’s is in my own heart!

people were instructed not to try to duplicate or counterfeit the incense or anointing oil for themselves or they would be cut off from their people and they weren’t supposed to use that oil or incense for anything that wasn’t to be holy

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