God’s Presence

Reading through Exodus reminded me again of the significance of Jesus’s passion on the cross.

In the wilderness the Israelites found out how truly powerful and dangerous (to us) God’s pure and good presence is. It is literally lethal to sinful beings like us.

Moses and Aaron had to lead the construction of a tabernacle, court, vest themselves in specifically designed garments and perform several cleansing rituals just to stay alive in God’s holy presence.

Beyond that we know that the Hebrews needed to attone for their sins by means of animal sacrifices offered to God in their place.

This whole scenario paints an amazing picture of God’s grace and the significance of His Son’s death for our sake. Jesus gave His life for all. For all those in His time and all those in the future, until the coming of the new Kingdom.

We now have a Holy mediator who has sent God’s spirit to us to transform our hearts in a way ritual could not.

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