Exodus 27-28 Sames and differents

בוקר טוב כל אחד. Boker Tov Col Achad

In Other words Good Morning Everyone

I noticed right away that the breast plate worn by the high priest is called a breastplate of judgement and hidden inside the breast plate (close to the heart) are two other stones (Urim and Tunim) used to help determine God‘s will ,which is something else I want to address.

First of all, think of how similar breastplate of judgment is to the breastplate of righteousness! On one hand we have the armor made by man and worn by man made with physical things..but only by one type of man, only a high priest… with you, me and your uncle Bob, we can all wear the breast plate of righteousness thanks to Christ!

As far as having two more stones hidden somewhere in this “pre-Christ armour” set, these two stones that help determine gods will ….I honestly don’t think God needs our help to determine things, we need Gods help!

I had to look up the significance of the pomegranates. I understood the bells were to draw attention and to make everybody aware of the ministry going on but I couldn’t believe what I learned ….that pomegranates average 613 seeds each the exact amount of laws in the Torah… so bells ringing around all the laws was a constant reminder of the laws to live by. Also, a point of interest may be that tradition deemed the pomegranate fruit to be righteous… in some artistic depictions, the pomegranate is found in the hand of Mary, mother of Jesus.

what’s in her hand? Besides our Lord I mean 🙂

I certainly hope this doesn’t offend anybody, but I also can’t help but think of how similar every picture I’ve seen of a high priest from exodus looks to our modern-day pope when he’s in full garb.

As far as catholicism goes, The only way to God is through the pope (high priest) as well and that would be the only way to God,it was through the high priest in the holy of holy’s right there once a year at the day of atonement.

Isnt it absolutely beautiful that our God‘s mercy is new every day and we can speak to Him every day and feel His love every day no uniform required! No blackout dates. 24/7

When that curtain came tearing down, That Loud cry that Jesus screamed out was a calling, a calling for all of us to come closer to His Father through Him and His love.

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