OK I’m just going to have to let it go, I want to just lay it all down at the feet of the cross and let Christs blood wash away my fears worries and the anxieties of all my friends and family.

I have no reason to get mad at any of my brothers or sisters who decide to stay in and flatten this so-called curve.

I have no reason to get angry at businesses that are closing and not being able to provide with me services.

I have no reason to be frustrated to a point where it takes me to a place where I take it out on my family and loved ones because I feel like I’m boxed in.

Perhaps I’m frustrated because I wasn’t going to God first with my problems… I’m going to this person, I’m going to that person. I’m going from within and on my horizontal field, I’m not going vertically! I’m not going up so I’m not talking to God first like “Dad, what is going on around here? please send me some clarity“

I was trying to tackle this and get on top of it by myself and it’s bigger than everybody.

Im not the only one going through this, The entire world is going through this and everybody is suffering! Some people are suffering physically some people are suffering mentally all because of a stupid virus that shouldn’t even exist.

God’s got us covered though, He’s working in the background helping to guide the physicians and the scientists and all the other people who have their hand in the race to get this virus cleared up or at least controlled and isolated.

We are learning that taking our own free will by deciding to not follow guidelines is not good for the growth of this thing so the next thing you know we’re going to be told to stay in without a choice. That’s the situation in some places already and it’s terrifying to think that that’s coming to us around the corner.

Fear is the enemy and fear is a liar so I say to everyone. Take this time, and we are pretty much being forced to stay amongst ourselves, do not forget to let Jesus into our lives and let His light shine and grow from deep within our hearts to invite the Spirit to blanket us with His love and not forget to pick up the Bible and read God’s love letter to us and be reminded about how He is going to sustain us and bring us through this with grace and daily renewed mercy.

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