Exodus 21

The first thing I noticed was the “God-incidence” about having a Hebrew slave for six years and on the seventh sent free…the obvious comparison of the seven day week with the seventh day of rest or in this case freedom

And the other rules about being able to keep the wife if you came in with her or having to leave the wife and the children were if you decided to leave …unless you claim your love for your family and your master than you would be a slave for life. All those rules are righteous structure for a bunch of Gods children that haven’t been living right for the past 400 years, they need a structural set of rules to follow.

Even seemed like some form of really basic government is being formed with elders and structural society…even about compensation for somebody if is not working v19 “only he shall pay for the loss of his time, and shall have him thoroughly healed.”

Even women in pregnancy were considered to have their own special set of rules.

Even as far as somebody’s livestock if something should happen.. this almost sounds like setting up of basic insurance policies

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