Exodus 16

Manna sounds like it would have been delicious. Thin Bread like wafers with honey. God hears us in prayer and will help and answer,

He wants to see us take part in it though. God likes us to have a part in what He wants to do for us, it helps develop relationship. That’s probly why the manna came with “rules” like don’t try to save extra or it will grow worms. but DO save extra and prepare it on the 6th night. That alone is God saying “trust in me”

That whole part about people who took less didn’t lack and whomever took much has nothing left over. This reminded me of the parable of the workers with last being first. And the people who didn’t listen and continued to go looking for food on the 7th day… well that’s why God is testing them at this time to see who’s going to follow the laws and not… he knew that everybody wasn’t just gonna follow suit right away

Here we learn that no work is done on the sabbath (the 7th day) all work (i.e. gathering, boiling, cooking) all done on the 6th day knowing that it’s ok to keep the food for the next day as this is the only day it wil not spoil.

Also we learn that it was Moses’s idea to place some manna in a jar to put into the arc of the covenant along with the staff, and commandments

One thought on “Exodus 16

  1. v.32 Yes, it was Moses who had been commanded by the Lord to take an omer of manna so that future generations of Israelites would see God’s provision and that it was God who brought them out of slavery in Egypt.

    We must be diligent to pass on to our sons and daughters and grand children how God provided for us in our lives and how He is a God Who answers prayers. Hopefully that will save them the horrible step of whining and complaining and wallowing in a pit of despair.


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