Headspace Entry

My God given gift is “organized design” . I think I’m attracted to things that are organized with a nice design, much like how God put everything together so precisely, so perfectly!

I have always had the knack for being more organized than the people around me and have always had a feel for design. It is difficult for me to have one without the other. I must be in an organized space and in “Seder” (order) to produce quality design, not that I wouldn’t bring my A-game with me anyways 🙂

By Gods grace most of my bosses have been very accommodating and in turn they are mostly very happy with the results.

I’ve always known I was called to design. Ever since first grade I’d spend all my time drawing in my math books instead of doing the arithmetic. I Always excelled in arts and creative writing. Not so much in the maths and sciences… but isn’t a graphic computer lab, a lab nonetheless?

Later in life my gifts led me to a three-year advertising art marketing course and for the past 28 years I’ve been doing graphic design in some form or another. It’s my gift from God I don’t have a doubt about it , because I don’t feel “at home“ doing anything else. Only God knows me thst well and would place me in this position for Him. I’m still trying to figure out why I workingnwhere I am, but that’s another blog

BUT because of this “gift” I see fault, I see errors everywhere. I see bad typography and poor layout design and too much asymmetry and not enough negative space and spelling errors galore!

(guilty as well)

Pardon me but does anybody remember that there is a spellcheck? 🙂

Why should spelling matter most people talk in abbreviations or emoticons now LOL TTYL BFF


We are all forgetting how to hand write properly because we’re also used to keyboards and touchscreens but spelling is still essential if you want to sell an idea or get a thought across properly without causing confusion.

So basically I am walking around with a big log in my own eye yet it doesn’t affect my ability to design and I have no problem pointing out all the logs in everybody else’s eyes. I don’t do it to discriminate or to point out his or her wrongdoings, but would rather to help improve and acknowledge effort and build up! I mean building up of a person who was making an attempt at art as well as building up of the clients so they will receive exactly what they want and need so they can be profitable in business and build that up too.

I recently met somebody within our church who is talking to me about having a community “built up in love” and that comes to mind as well. I would just like to thank that brother for giving me his information and outlook and how we can ALL grow in maturity if we put God first and care for one another and build each other up in love and make our body in Christ strong!

GO, DO and BE every day like He is coming tomorrow! In His holy beautiful name Amen!

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