Faith in the Passover

The sheer amount of faith it took the Jewish people to obey God for the passover is incredible.

First off, God of the Jews had not revealed Himself for nearly 500 years, since the time of Joseph who was long forgotten. The Jews likely beileved in and feared the gods of Egypt.

Then they had to get a lamb, which was not cheap and remember the people were slaves and had bearly any wealth to their name. This was an incredible financial risk for the Jewish people.

Then, the Jews had to paint their doors with blood for all their village to see. They had to make a public declaration: “I am going to obey God, even though I don’t know Him or if He’s even more powerful that Egypt’s gods.”

It is worth mentioning the 9 plagues from God before the Passover would have served as evidence of God’s power and given some reassurance to the Jews they could trust God.

But do you recall a time in your life you were scared to trust God despite overwhelming evidence of His power and reliability? Have you had a moment where you thought: “what if I’m really on my own here?”

If you have, you may have an idea of what these Jews were feeling the night of the Passover. God came through that night, as He promised. God is always faithful to His promises that is a truth we can be sure of.

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