Exodus 12

I was literally in tears of joy as I was reading this. I saw every parallel to Christ’s coming. This was Rema all over again. God was talking to me through this chapter. I learned who Jesus was in John and now as I was reading exodus I realized I was reading something i’ve read every year of my life in the passover “haggadah” that’s a Jewish holiday book read at passover seders that basically lead and guide one though the steps of a seder so they are done in order. But the plagues are stressed and the bitter herbs and shank bone from sacrifices and in fact there is a whole plate with “artifacts” that lend them selves to the story of the Jews being persecuted by the pharoah and not letting the people of Isreal go. The unleavened bread with its markings like the ones on the whipped Jesus’s back and unleavened because there was no time to rise the dough as they were being thrusted away.

I even saw fact that bones may not be broken in v46… was anybody else reminded of the Chirst on the cross and only His legs not getting broken??

One thought on “Exodus 12

  1. Yes, I too recognized the “unbroken bones” as being prophetic. It’s so exciting to view this chapter through your eyes because you are much more familiar with these prophesies and you can so clearly connect them with the coming of Jesus.


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