Fleeting Hope

Hope in the world around us feels to be fleeting. There are many fears of health crisis and financial recession that have people worried about their futures.

In Exodus the Pharoah beileves he can rely on his own might to keep control of what he has or what his future will hold. He is shown time and time again by God that he can’t control everything.

I have noticed that people who are skeptics and cynical of God offer no hope to the world. What I mean is they look out at the world and they only see what’s out there, or more specifically, it seems to be they only see the bad out in the world.

They see: war, famine, greed, and fear. As Christians our hearts are changed. We can see good where many others cannot. We can see hope even when fear has swept over hundreds of others.

One simple reason is we know a being more capable, more powerful and more loving than us is keeping watch. Solving the world’s problems is not our burden. Sure we are all called to solve a select few of the world’s problems, but to turn society around was never our duty.

Today I pray for hope in the hearts of all who read this. Take care and be strong brothers and sisters.

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