Exodus 11 – A Final Warning

11:1 “Yet one plague more…” So a final warning of another plague was to be given and in my opinion this one hits home hard. Not only the firstborn of every person but even the firstborn of every animal. This action absolutely guarantees the next generation will not even be there, so it’s almost like a plague to end the people all together so there would be no more need for plaguing. (i.e. v6 “nor ever will be again “

And God said this to Moses knowing that Pharaoh would let them go afterwards. This was the final demonstration of Gods power to finalize that He is the Lord of all Lords. I wonder if Pharoah and all the other Egyptian’s were wondering where all their “gods” were and why they weren’t being saved and where were they for the hail and the locusts and the flies and blood etc… and are these gods going to save my firstborn children?? I don’t think so.

I can feel the tension building in the back of Pharoahs mind. He certainly will be driving them out of the land, know how I know? God called it back in line 1!

Our God is the God who sees us AND saves us

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