God Save Me!

The plagues in the book of Exodus are some of the most iconic scenes in the bible.

God shows many times over His power and causes Pharaoh to submit to God’s will and rebuke his own power, but only briefly. As soon as the trials have passed Pharoah resumes his old callus ways.

1 in 5 non-christians in the UK are said to pray in times of crisis according to The Guardian. These people yearn for something to help them through hardships, but end up returning to their old habits when things are stable and calm, similar to Pharoh. God shows us time and time again that it is through our struggles that we change most, when things are easy and comfortable it is very easy to forget God’s influence entirely.

How can we be different? We are adopted children of God and firmly beileve a constant daily relationship with God makes a huge difference. But do we as Christians live that out? Or do we simply treat God as a cosmic “vending” machine asking for the wildest most fantastical desires of our hearts in hopes that He delivers these things we don’t think we can get for ourselves?

Followers of Christ beileve God offers them daily hope, strength and wisdom that they could not get from their own will. We beileve our trials grow perseverence and character that slowly mold us to become more like our Saviour each day.

We have a sense of confidence that transcends the world around us that is constantly gripped by fear, stress and worries. God keeps us all in His heart and will deliver us from our trials stronger than we were before.

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