Exodus 8 – Empty Promises

Thought it was strange with all these miracles and magic goin on that it was the gnats that were the most convincing plague that the sorcerers couldn’t reproduce… they didn’t even attempt the flies. Well then, therefore this all MUST be the finger of God in this. Funny that they didn’t say hand of God. I think maybe at this point the sourcerors came to realize the awesome power of God and knowing that these plagues only take a finger, it wouldn’t even require an entire hand. And repeatedly we keep seeing Pharoh change his mind after he sees some respite from the plagues with empty promises.

Reminds me of the person who finds himself in a hospital bed barely being able to breathe saying I’m never gonna smoke anything again! I’d be a fool to ever bring anything up to my mouth to inhale that isn’t Gods air” and then a couple of days go by, and you feel like you’re healthy again, and you’re out of the hospital, and you reach for the cigarettes…changing your mind after being given a second chance. ‏This to me is like hardening your own heart towards God. And for the record, that stupid smoker was me! I didn’t let myself go free of the addiction until much later.

I was only asking for Gods help when I was in the hospital bed, not knowing my future. I didn’t have the relationship I do now. He helped me regardless.

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