Equipping the Ministers

Exodus 6 has me thinking about what it means to lead for God. God has a purpose for His leaders, Moses was to bring His people out of slavery first and foremost but His ultimate plan was so much more than that.

Moses was to give His people the tools to live good and righteous lives as God intended them to. The Israelites were to start the first holy nation on Earth, designed to set an example for all other nations. Church leaders now have a similar role. Their job is to give their congregations tools to be ministers in the world around us.

I heard it spoken in a Sunday preaching recently that the pastor of the church, and the rest of the church leaders, were there to give tools to the listeners to become ministers for Christ. As people of faith, we are to answer questions, quench doubts, and convince non-christians of Christ’s love, not the other way around.

I think we can sometimes feel that we only need to serve the church community and the church is to serve us. But in reality the church is like a school where we learn how to better reach the closed hearts in the world and help open them to Christ.

I pray today we all leverage our circumstances to show the love of Christ to a world that desperately needs freedom.

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