Exodus 5 – Patience

Have you ever thought you were doing everything you were supposed to do and then things still weren’t working out in your favour? Did you consider God before you made a decision or start off on a venture? Are you now asking God why are things not working out the way they’re supposed to? Are you sure that’s the way we should be praying? Maybe the situation should’ve been discussed with God ahead of time and proper guidance would’ve been provided and then of course all important patience because it all happens in Gods time, not ours. I think Moses and Aaron were just getting impatient and they didn’t see God working on the sidelines and in the background as He is all the time. Their situation looks even worse in the eyes of somebody who doesn’t have any patience, this situation made it look like the bad guy was getting away with even more and the innocent people are having to work harder with less provisions. Gods cookin something up for them.!

One thought on “Exodus 5 – Patience

  1. I love your graphic. It’s hilarious. Great questions too. How often do I run ahead of God and then wonder why He’s not “backing me up” when it should be God in the lead.


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