Fear Plus One

Talk about doubting yourself! God already told Moses in exact words “I will be with you” and now he has to reassure Moses even again Telling him that He will be the mouth for you and He will do the speaking for you. I remember the staff to a snake and the leporus hand, forgot about spilling nile water in the dry ground turning to wine. I love that. From a Tri-God head came 3 miraculous signs just given to Moses to convince and prove that he was sent by the great I AM.

If God gave that kind of control to me I would go on national TV and do these things in front of everybody! I would even grab all the best magicians to show them that there is no such illusion but this is actual reality by our living miracle making God.

Still Moses doubted his own ability and was feeling unsure.. even with the POWER of miracles and the word of God and all other kinds of proof behind him, he still felt like he wasn’t the one to do it ..He was willing to reach out and grab a snake by the tail, showing willingness, faith and trust. but that unwillingness to actually go to the people on his own upset God. so He he got his brother the smooth talker to help so they went out and double teamed everybody and everyone eventually bowed down and believed. I think it’s symbolic of “where two or more gather, I am present” from Matthew 18:20 because otherwise it just would’ve been Moses with all the miracles..now it’s two or more gathering to attract others.

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