Exodus 3 – Stop, Look, Listen

ahhh the glory of God in a bush that was engulfed with flames but somehow not getting consumed. That is a miracle as well as a demonstration of the control the creator of the elements has. This is something I remember being taught by the rabbis and remember partaking in a childhood play, (no I wasn’t Moses). I was young and impressionable and was learning about my first miracles… and not one of them were of Jesus… Noah’s Ark, Parting and the Red Sea were huge because I was taught and read and loved God. Now 40 plus years later I read John and BAM! I’m back with a whole new love for the REAL living God, I mean now I look at old testament through the eyes of Jesus and see prophecy had come to pass, so it’s no doubt who the Lord is. Rereading this for the first time in almost 40 years was bringing up some childhood memories of Hebrew school and most of them were sour :/

Just a little side-note… I found it interesting that Moses answered God exactly the same way Abraham answered God all the way up to the point where he almost sacrificed his son “here I am”

As I’m reading this chapter I can definitely feel the build up to “let my people go!” I used to sing that with my class… I kinda understood what was going on. This is fun reading and reliving.

I like the sandals coming off for respect in v5, when God revealed who He was that made the ground Holy, and I’d suppose even feet from inside of sandals are cleaner than the “whatever” you’ve been walking in the streets. Made me think about how I “approach” God when I do service or attend church.. do I dress a little neater? Make certain I can look a little better than just waking up and getting God-brownie points for being there.

This chapter was also a reminder of the fact that God has the right to ask us to do hard things.. ie(Go to the pharaohs go to the elders tell everybody what you saw and heard)

I saved the best for last, In my NKJV it says in all caps in v14 And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” and for Moses to tell the children (people) of Israel ‘I AM has sent you and then used the tetragrammaton for YAWEH so the people of Israel would know from 100s of years earlier that Gods keeps His word!

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