Day to Day Injustice

I have a second comment today on the topic of following God’s law by breaking human law.

Last year a close female friend to me and my wife was looking for a job. I knew my workplace needed crew members to prepare and ship customer orders so I handed off her resume to my boss.

A few days later my boss approached me with my friend’s resume and told me to the effect of: “Sorry Colton, I don’t think the warehouse is ready for a woman back here.” In which I replied sheepishly “Oh… okay.”

Now before I go on let me set up a few things for context. Our company does hire women, we have two who work in the office portion of the buisness. We don’t hire women to work on our warehouse. We only have 1 combined change room/washroom in the back in which our team of 10 men use daily. And there has been an apparent history of sexual harassment decades before me where women quit due to the type of men who used to work in our warehouse.

So I didn’t know what to do. I don’t even recall challenging my boss on the verdict. No women were going to be hired in the warehouse and likely won’t ever be. I could go on about the details and state further that although women work in office they are clerks and not sales because salesmen are often moved up from the warehouse where, as I stated, women are not hired so they don’t get the opportunity to move up.

I left the issue alone for this long because frankly my workspace is not a very sought after workplace for either women or men, it pays low and career advancement is pretty well non-existent. On a wider scale our company employs women equally at our other branches in Toronto and Vancouver, just not in “backwater” Winnipeg.

This story has been weighing on my heart heavier than I thought, even though my female friend has since found a job and is better off where she is, I can’t help but feel guilt like I caved to human law out of fear of loosing my job or “making a big deal of nothing”.

What I hope this post does is show how we as Canadians can face hard decisions to follow God’s law, even if lives are not at stake. I understand the struggle and have dealt with it first hand. I don’t know what I should have done or know if I should dig it up again but what I do know is God sees my heart and he has forgiven me for my fear and He doesn’t want this failure to define me.

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