James 5 Actions and Patience

I liked the discussion about how the money has become worthless and the gold and silver is corroding, talking about the money but not the people.. just like it’s not money that’s the root of evil it’s the LOVE of money that we learned from 1st Timothy. This book of James is the book of DOING and not. just “ saying” because it emphasizes faith in God in actions

✓ Go be obedient to Gods laws and share the good news

✓ Go help to someone carrying too much

✓ Go show some unconditional love today

✓ Do say hello with a smile and eye contact.

✓ Do say bless you when a stranger sneezes.

✓ Do have compassion for your fellow man.

Your fruit will show by your actions. And how you live is a display of that fruit.

Farmers don’t take the summer off and just hope things will work out in the field…. everyday working hard up early and sleep early to repeat over and over toiling in the field to produce the crop to harvest. Well… our actual harvest here at end of the flesh life we have here is when the Christ returns… so why is it so many of us are not toiling hard daily working towards that “harvest”? We need to live everyday as if He’s coming tomorrow – not just sundays

I liked the parable about the Farmers Patience. That is really what the photo of the dog is for, I suppose the photo could be used for the above and fall under the category of being obedient to the master :)

and finally here are three things to check:

verses 2-3 About the treasures on earth rotting away and be eatin by moths – it’s just like Matthew 6:19

The parable of the farmers with the patience in verse 5 it’s just like Matthew 5:12

and verse 12 Being honest with your speech is just like Matthew 5: 33-37

enjoy cross referencing

have a blessed day

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