James 4 Commentary

So I’m thinking.. Don’t make plans and pray to God they are going to work. Don’t buy a bunch of lottery tickets and pray to the Lord for a return. Don’t make that major purchase and pray for the Spirit to come inside that new car so it won’t break down. If you haven’t been able to tell. I’m speaking about verse 13 and forward. God should be the first go-to with planning and questions about the journey. God, is it your will that we plan a weekend getaway at this time? And listen for a sense of feeling from Him, it will help. I feel buying a lottery ticket is ok, after all it only takes one number to win..But buying a whole slew of tickets it’s like putting trust in to the system rather than trusting in God’s provisions… I suppose some people would say just playing one ticket is just as bad as rolling the bones. Ask and speak to Him for guidance.

He allows everything to happen, puts things in front of us, takes them away, introduces us to people and separates us from others. Surely God who was, is and always will be deserves our respect in every manner. After all, we may just be here for a small time, a vapour as it says. But if we have our knees bowed now, Our time will be eternal.

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