James 3 The Tongue is a Fire

I really like the comparison or the action and reaction thing (bits for horses -using a little thing to make a big thing do something for you ) that was going on.

The tongue is the “rudder” of the mouth and the rudder being a small part of the boat but actually steers and directs the massive ship. Made me wonder about my own life and actions. My tongue is small, but can steer my conversation which could alter my direction but my words can spread information and then I could figuratively steer a crowd of people into a different way of thinking.

Verse 7 Completely reminded me about the question you would hear somebody say after cursing

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth”

How could you with such a dirty dirty untameable tongue? James even made a point to say that even animals can be tamed by mankind… but not the tongue. I think that’s huge because animals cannot have the connection with God that we can have…

The Holy Spirit can’t take residence in an animal and that’s a big difference, but still…to have a component within our bodies that can not still be tamed is the message James was trying to make.

Blessings and cursings coming out of the same place… it’s how I feel when I watch bible scripture study on tv, then turn around and see a reality show coming from the same source .

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