1 Timothy 6

“4 he is puffed up with conceit and understands nothing”

If you’re so puffed up with money, material things and image, then you’re so full of yourself mixed with concern of frivolous things and there’s no room for God inside…by the time you deflate a little bit there’s only enough room for the bad things to come in like deceit, envy, llying and slander. We must remember we are only here for a short short time…this chapter reminded me that you can’t take it with you, we are vapour and everything is a vanity.

I would like to say that if I came into a lot of money I don’t think it would change my relationship with God. I would like to use the money to help enhance my connection and relationship with God, and I’d do that to serve Him wherever I go in my travels. I could preach His word, I could physically help build churches, I can help fund things, I could help plant seeds!

Anybody can have knowledge, but not everybody can back up that knowledge with the truth

v17 to me is directed to the people of more wealth reminding them not to put their trust in their gold or silver but rather put all their trust in the living God who is the true source of real wealth and to be more generous with what they have amongst your brothers and sisters.

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