Head Space Entry

Never Force Anything


A Perfect Fit

When I was 11 years old, I was disciplined by the Rabbis for singing the entire lunchtime prayer to the theme of Star Wars, (I did it on a dare with a friend) now I attend a church that puts clips of Indiana Jones on the screens. I love it! Teachers are using any ways and means to get the message across for all ages and appealing to everybody. Seems like a perfect fit for me. It feels right in Christ’s arms! And the Spirit fits in me like a spiritual glove and we “click” like when you know the right time to pull up the zipper-pull on a sweater or hoodie or jacket.. . You can feel it, you can feel that little connection when the one piece fits within the other and you know exactly when to lift up and proceed…because something like that shouldn’t be forced – much how like life is to be approached with caution and care and through God’s love and guidance. Because if you force something, it probably isn’t meant to be that way! We all know what happens when you “force the zipper”… at that point, the hand of another is guiding you and you get into a jam, knot or just stuck! Remember how God loves and delights in us. We don’t have to force anything because it’s all Gods force. His plan. Walk with Him and see where He takes you.

One more thing, If you force your zipper, the sides will separate and not join together as they are meant to. Think of yourself separating from God thinking you can do life on your own…

it just doesn’t work.

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