Love for Others

I think I may catch some heat for this post but I have something burning in my heart. I have been hearing comments lately from seculars and Christians alike specifically about the LGBTQ community. That is: transgendered men and women and gay men and women.

There are many who make comments about gender confusion and sexual identity saying things such as “People ought to stick to the gender God gave them!” which I do agree with. But commenting on how ridiculous or even stupid it is to change gender or be sexual with the same gender echoes a wide portion of the secular world. Non-Christians comment on this way just as much as Christians do. I know there is a lot of public support in the secular world for the LGTBQ but don’t mistake alot of it is false. There is a massive wave of the opposition to the LGTBQ community that is not coming from the church.

Are Christians to back down on this? No! Transgenderism and homosexuality will always be sins, but the thing is: the LGTBQ community is not ignorant to that. They ALL know what Christians think about they way they live, they’ve known for centuries, I say this as a friend of several gay people. What they don’t know is how valued and loved they are by God and Christ.

I think it all boils down to this statement: People don’t need to know that they are wrong, they need to know that they are loved.

This is going to stir emotions like wildfire I know, and I don’t want to shame anyone but I felt an overwhelming conviction to write this out today. I hope there is understanding. One last thing to remember is the lifestyles they choose are trying to fill a void only God can fill. I am not convinced the entire LGTBQ community live the way they do as an open defiance of God, despite what may be said. I think we can all relate to trying to fill the God shaped void of our identity with dangerous or even sinful things, can’t we?

Love and respect does not mean agreeing with or condoning what a person does. Some of my closest and trusted friends smoke pot daily to deal with life. I love them unconditionally and will continue to do so despite my strong strong opinion and disagreement of their drug habit. But they don’t need me to tell them pot is bad (likey because they wouldn’t listen anyway) they need to know I love them and care for them as a friend. When that happens Jesus can step in and do the rest.

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